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 Challenges, Opportunities, and Sustainability   The junk car industry is a dynamic and multifaceted sector that plays a vital role in today’s automotive ecosystem. With environmental concerns at the forefront and technological advancements reshaping the industry, the world of junk car buying and recycling is more complex and rewarding than ever before. Let’s delve into […]


Winter has enede and you can finally start to enjoy spring and warmer weather, but you aren’t the only one; your vehicle should be prepared to enjoy the spring weather as well. To ensure proper functionality and safety, we have some tips to help prepare your vehicle for spring. Wash Your Vehicle Visit a carwash […]

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Our rides remind us to do so much for them with dashboard notifications or even phone notifications for smart cars. They can tell us when they need their oil changed, tires rotated, or engines checked. However, there are still some things we need to be mindful of on our own. In fact, something we may […]

How to mititgate car theft or vandalism in Atlanta.

Atlanta is an amazing place due to the nightlife, restaurants, history, fun, cultural events and festivals. However, the question of whether Atlanta is safe for travelers and locals depends on where you decide to hangout in the city. There are certainly neighborhoods to avoid in Atlanta, as well as some areas that are almost entirely […]

Cars are susceptible to the effects of summer

Cars are susceptible to the effects of summer heat waves. When there’s a heat wave, more vehicle breakdowns happen. Hot summers mean battery failures, air conditioning repairs, tire replacements and a higher demand for emergency roadside assistance. So, proper summer vehicle maintenance is key to avoiding these heat-related issues. But why does heat cause so […]