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Winter has enede and you can finally start to enjoy spring and warmer weather, but you aren’t the only one; your vehicle should be prepared to enjoy the spring weather as well. To ensure proper functionality and safety, we have some tips to help prepare your vehicle for spring. Wash Your Vehicle Visit a carwash that washes the vehicle’s exterior as well as the undercarriage. Although you can’t see the undercarriage, that is where road salt and lingering winter elements accumulate; a thorough cleaning will help to avoid rust and build-up. If you really want to get into spring cleaning, wash the interior of your vehicle as well. Although it may seem dry, the floor may be saturated with water, snow, salt, and anything else your shoes tracked in over the winter. TIP: Save yourself from future interior cleaning by purchasing a set of WeatherTech floor mats. Inspect, Rotate And Align Your Tires Winter driving is hard on your vehicle’s tires. Aligning and rotating your vehicle’s tires ensures safer wearing and will get the best life out of the tires. It’s also important to monitor tire tread and make sure none of your tires are balding; they will need adequate traction for the rainy months ahead. TIP: If you were using winter tires, remove them altogether and replace them with all-season or summer tires. Check Your Windshield Wipers Windshield wipers take a beating during winter. It is best to change your wipers with the seasons, especially as the rainy season approaches. New windshield wipers will improve visibility and reduce the risk of an accident. Check your Vehicles Battery Because your vehicle works extra hard during winter, it is easier for the battery to drain. Most auto parts stores offer a free battery inspection. If you suspect your batter life is low, check the date that it was installed and visit your local auto parts retailer if it is older than four years. Fill Your Vehicle’s Fluids Get all of your vehicle’s fluids topped off and filled, especially windshield wiper fluid. It empties quickly during the winter when it is constantly being used to clean grime from the windshield. TIP: Purchase a wiper fluid with RainX, it will keep your front window clean and increase visibility, especially in the rain. Engine oil protects the engine against wear and tear. It is important to keep it full so that the engine and its working parts continue to function properly. Another important fluid to monitor is brake fluid. Brake fluid transfers the pressure from your foot on the pedal to the wheel. If the brakes do not have enough fluid, it will take more time and effort to stop your vehicle. Under The Hood Inspect your vehicle’s belts, hoses and air filters. If the belts or hoses are cracked or damaged in any way, you must have them repaired. Make sure the air filters are clean and working properly so your air conditioning is ready for the approaching warm weather. Although preparing your vehicle for spring may seem like a DIY-project, there are lots of precautions to take. To ensure your vehicle is thoroughly inspected and ready for spring, let a professional take care of it, so you and your vehicle can enjoy the spring season!